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Mud Sweep

Yay! Go team BaconCat!


bacon version of nyan cat

HA! I think they may have me pegged. “Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.” (via@jaimebatiz)


Ride. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.

(via jaimebm)

10pm and the crowd has gathered At least there's good reading to be had! Fuzzy pic of the reading Book signing fast pass I know it was late, but HAD to get a pic

Best.reading.ever. Totally worth the three hours of sleep prior to a freakishly busy Friday.  Patrick was exactly as funny, inappropriate, and friendly as you could hope (especially when still signing books at 3am!).

Rolled up the few pics I took here rather than spam my twitter/instagram with pictures that most peeps won’t care about. Forgive the back of room iPhone picture quality!

Tis the end of a (very short) era. The lil red bitch is gone; replaced by a car with an ACTUAL backseat! #bittersweet

Hope folks don’t expect me to drive now…

Always had a hate-but-respect sense for Contador (despite the crotch-outlining shorts incident), but seeing him taken down for doping just leaves me with a vague sense of disappointment. Are no top riders legitimately just “good”? And who am I going to root against in this year’s TdF?! With Sastre and Menchov out, TRS with no GC contender… the field of riders to rival Schleck is looking pitifully small…  :(

I totally want this on a shirt. Sums up my state of mind perfectly. :)

(via thebicycleisart)

Black and blue and boring

C’mon boys… do you seriously have no designers? Or, more accurately, did all of you use the EXACT SAME designer? If so, that guy made a bundle selling you all versions of the same darn thing.

I’m all for understated in furniture… but in cycling gear? How the crap will I tell you people apart now?!

Le sigh. I miss the argyle. Let’s hope the remaining teams will check into the “more awesome” category soon.

Team Garmin-Cervelo:

Garmin Cervelo kit

Team Leopard:

Team Leopard Kit

Team Sky (at least in this ONE case, it matches their name):


Saxobank-Sunguard OK that one’s a stretch. But it’s still black and blue AND it has a scary eagle!

Despite being stabbed and having several guns pulled on him, “So far, Jones hasn’t been seriously hurt.”  It’s just a matter of time buddy…


Finally, some casino holiday action! Happy Xmas Eve from Vegas!

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